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How to create a welcoming work environment for Gen Zs

Our President and co-founder, Lauren Nutt Bello has not only been fighting for equality within DEI but also for the success of Gen-Z, as the next generation of professionals don’t have it easy. Born between 1997 and the mid-2010s, Gen Z has grown up with technology at their fingertips and brings a wealth of creativity, technological skills, and entrepreneurial spirit to the workforce. When the pandemic hit, many were sent home for remote college learning or were immediately recruited for remote-only jobs after graduation. Now, this mostly-remote work culture is stifling professional growth that typically comes through in-person interactions.

“As a member of Gen Z, there are so many truths about starting a career during the shift to remote working that are mentioned in Lauren’s article that resonate heavily.” says Tania Velin, one of RSR’s creative designers.

While remote culture is likely here to stay, there are plenty of things companies can do now to fuel Gen Z’s professional development. Read more here about what your company can do to emphasize in-person interactions, teach from past successes, make your leaders more accessible to new team members, and identify teachable moments on Fast Company.