What Is Good Design in a Snapchat World?

In an age when trends, technologies and user preferences are constantly changing, so too are previously accepted norms for what constitutes “good design.” There’s no better example of this shift in thinking, than the social media powerhouse, Snapchat.

By any objective measure, the app should not have been successful. Yet, here we are. Snapchat is one of the most popular interactive platforms in the digital space. It has more users than LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Twitter, and its daily video views have increased 400% year over year.

Creative Director, Cole Sletten, broke down what the popularity of Snapchat means for the design community, and the advice he gives our team for designing in an age when expectations and norms are shifting daily.

“Design in a Snapchat world is design with a much larger definition. As technology continues to evolve, so too do user expectations and the necessity of crafting coherent experiences with multiple touch points across lots of different media. Keeping up requires thinking in systems rather than thinking in standards— putting design in a position to have greater impact on a business than ever before.”

Read the article in full on Mashable here.

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