Future Digital Marketing Jobs We All Should Prepare For

Any industry that relies on the digital space is quickly learning how to adapt and change with the times. What was relevant one year, is out the next. What used to be the “next big thing in technology” is currently collecting dust in your closet. And those platforms that no one really understands, but are considering experimenting with, are what brands want to hear about in the boardroom.

The speed of change is keeping us all on our toes. At digital agencies, leaders are learning to not only fill gaps, but prepare for future ones. Cofounder, Aaron Harvey, spoke with Adweek a few weeks back about the marketing jobs of the future — what’s to come, what’s cool and why any of this is happening.

“The combined forces of globalization and the commoditization of technology are exacerbating the pace at which new, promising tools are becoming available to brands, per Aaron Harvey, co-founder and ecd at Ready Set Rocket, who says that every job title the digital marketing agency hires for today did not exist when it launched eight years ago. “It’s going to be incumbent on marketers to look for passion projects and experiment on passion projects,” he explains.”

To read the full Adweek article, click this link.

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