We live in a deadline-driven, feedback fueled, always-on world in which making time for ourselves is commonly de-prioritized to meet outside needs. When 20 things are due at once, it’s easy to bypass breaks and overextend yourself. However, as many of us have learned the hard way, this will catch up to you. Excelling in today’s working world means understanding how you work, your individual stressors, and creating a schedule that accounts for self-care.

As an agency founded by partners who strongly believe in the importance of mental health care, we’ve prioritized an open door policy. Stressed? Come talk. However, this is by no means the norm, and even when employees are given the freedom to reach out, doing so can be extremely stressful. So, in an effort to bring the conversation to women in different industries, companies, and levels of seniority, we partnered with SheSays NYC to host a panel with cross-industry leaders on the importance of self-care.

On June 20th, women from Ready Set Rocket, Univision, West Elm and Seagram’s Gin met at our office to share their thoughts on workplace stressors, how they balance career-life and home-life, coping mechanisms they’ve developed to deal with anxiety, and more.

Keep an eye out for footage from the event! We’ll be posting to our channels shortly.

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