Driving Digital Success With Analytics: Industry Leadership

A common theme that emerges from traditional marketers is how to relay their marketing know-how to the digital world. The time has passed that a simple Facebook page or display ad buy cuts it. Marketers know they need to be savvier — more strategic, more holistic and able to prove success.

However, they don’t always know how to do that in the digital space. To that tune, I recently flew down to DC to present insights on how to Drive Digital Marketing Success with Analytics to the Direct Marketing Association of Washington.

I was able to spend the afternoon with some great marketers sharing insights on best practices of analytics and online marketing.

Brief highlights from our discussion:

  • Identifying Key Performance Indicators is a critical foundation to a measurable digital strategy.
  • Data exists to improve things. Reports, advanced segments and filters help you identify problem areas and potential opportunities to improve marketing goals and business objectives.
  • Google Analytics is a free tool to help you achieve your business goals regardless of your industry. Marketers need to be GA proficient. Start by studying for and taking the Google IQ exam and get certified in Google Analytics.
  • Tie analytics back to ad spend. Reporting should support improvements in both PPC and SEO performance.

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