Digital Trends: Industry Leadership @ ODDB

Alex Lirtsman, RSR’s Partner and Digital Strategist, shared digital marketing insights and trends with hundreds of Orlando’s top business and industry leaders during a 3-day seminar hosted by Orlando’s Downtown Development Board.

The series focused on education and emerging trends concerning website conversion optimization, social media marketing and paid traffic acquisition.

Key takeaways from the series:

  • Words to remember: “The internet will transform advertising because of its traceability, not its beauty.” – Eric Schmidt, Google CEO
  • Online behavior has further segmented the shopping funnel into micro steps: Generic Research > Niche Research > Brand Discovery > Brand Investigation > Brand Navigation > Purchase > Evaluation. Ask yourself: How does social influence this cycle? How does search influence this cycle?
  • SEO is the growing focus of digital efforts currently, but look for a resurgence in email marketing attention in coming years.
  • The current social landscape is limited in metrics measurement because CTR cannot always link clicks to sales. This will be brands’ biggest opportunity both as social providers and social consumers: achieving a full-attribution model of social ROI.

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