The digital world is constantly and rapidly evolving. New technologies, new platforms, new ideas are being churned out at blazing speeds. And at its core, that’s what digital is. It’s the opportunity to constantly reinvent itself.

Whether testing a site to make improvements, continually optimizing ad spends against defined segments, or leveraging a new technology to improve user experience, digital is founded in the idea that things can always be improved upon.

For digital marketers, digital reinvention is a playground. It opens the doors for creative testing, multivariate testing, defined audience targeting and endless discovery of what experiences work best with which segments in which specific channels

Embrace reinvention in your digital marketing efforts with these tips:

  • Start with data. Explore data to uncover opportunities, and use data to kick start the creative or ideation process. At RSR we believe numbers have a story to tell — you just know how to read them the right way.
  • Be nimble. Marketing efforts must be responsive to trends. Ensure your development and design is nimble enough to support your strategy — turning out new creative, campaigns, landing pages, or whatever is needed to help you reinvent and optimize your efforts. Be technologically savvy to know what platforms are available to quickly get something up and running.
  • It’s OK to be wrong. Lose the fear of being wrong. Digital is forgiving and allows you to try something, test, then move on. Through this process you will constantly refine your marketing strategy, ultimately spending a smarter dollar.

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