In the wake of Apple Watch’s much-hyped release in April, many advertisers and app developers have had to go back to the drawing board. With different size constraints and an ultimately new approach to navigation, what worked for tablets and mobile devices no longer holds true. In a Smashing Magazine article, our Creative Director Cole Sletten broke down his process and strategy behind developing for the Apple Watch.

“We’re all back at square one again.” That was the overwhelming lesson we learned while designing our first major Apple Watch app for launch.

To be successful in designing for this device, the entire way we think about app design will need an overhaul. The patterns and processes that became standard for other devices are of little help here and, in many cases, can actively hinder efforts to create a beautiful, functional and user-centric watch experience.

Because of its form factor and intimate interface, Apple Watch is likely to function more as a personal concierge that screens and sorts incoming communication than as an additional “portal” to the web as we know it.

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