RSR Hosts “Defining Tomorrow: Lessons in Disruption” with Interbrand, the New York Stock Exchange, and Baruch College

On November 10th, Ready Set Rocket, in partnership with Interbrand, the New York Stock Exchange and Baruch College, hosted the third annual “Defining Tomorrow: Lessons in Disruption” Summit. Focused on exploring innovation within the financial services industry, the summit featured panels with speakers from Morgan Stanley, Thomson Reuters, Credit Suisse, Citi, IBM and more who addressed topics at the forefront of financial services as a result of disruption and new technology.

“Digital disruption is a challenge for every modern industry, financial services included,” said Alex Lirtsman, founding partner and chief strategist of Ready Set Rocket. “The institutions that ultimately succeed, embrace technology and find innovative ways to apply it to the current landscape. Defining Tomorrow brings those experts together to explore their current success and what is coming next.”

Featured panels and speakers included:

Uncovering Unmet Consumer Needs: How financial brands have been able to identify opportunities and scale their operations to meet the needs of consumers underserved by traditional banking models. Watch the panel here.

  • Moderator: Prof. Pragya Mathur, Baruch College
  • Panelists:
    • Gina Harman, CEO, Accion
    • Kevin Young, CMO, Custora
    • Rohit Arora, CEO, Biz2Credit
    • Phil Degisi, CMO, CommonBond

Using Digital to Innovate vs. Disrupt: How technology is reshaping what’s possible for financial companies today and tomorrow, and how regulatory challenges and opportunities play into this evolution. Watch the panel here..

  • Moderator: Megan Brewer-Koptchev, Head of Innovation, Credit Suisse
  • Panelists:
    • Jessica Desjardins, Vice President Client & Advisory Platform Solutions, Morgan Stanley
    • Alex Lirtsman, Co-founder and Chief Strategist, Ready Set Rocket
    • Krishna Srinivasan, Global Business Services – Financial Services Sector, IBM

Building Partnerships to Navigate the Unknown: How brands are helping financial services companies to adapt and grow within the highly competitive and regulatory nature of the industry. Watch the panel here..

  • Moderator: Meghann Fraser, Senior Director – Strategy, Interbrand
  • Panelists:
    • Prof. Mahima Hada, Baruch College
    • Alexandra Tynion, Head of Growth, SeedInvest
    • Marika Vilen, Global Head of Alliances, Thomson Reuters
    • Paras Jain, Head of East Coast Tech, Macquarie
    • Aaron Narva, Director & Global Head, Exiger

“Competition in financial services has never been more intense,” said Josh Feldmeth, CEO North America of Interbrand. “Growth can only be achieved by those willing to find creative ways to deliver value to their customers, whether through digital enablement or unexpected partnerships. This summit examines who’s leading this revolution and what to expect next.”

To learn more about the summit and hear additional thoughts on the future of Fintech from RSR and our summit partners, visit the following:

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