Is Deep Linking the New Digital Marketing Battleground?

Is deep linking the new digital marketing battleground? Co-founder and Chief Strategist Alex Lirtsman thinks so. Alex is a regular Marketing Land contributing columnist. In his latest, Alex has tackled one of the hottest digital marketing trends: deep linking. And with the introduction of deep linking in iOS9, Apple is poised to take on Google in mobile search.

”Along with a fully integrated experience, deep linking could help tackle some of the cross-device attribution issues we’ve been facing. Brands can have a full understanding of the customer journey as their search, email, social, wearable and mobile behavior are fully integrated within this new ecosystem.

And they can also start to engage users at the right place and the right time, or what Google has branded as the Zero Moment of Truth. This new ecosystem can offer intuitive remarketing that goes one step further by targeting the most relevant users who have a higher propensity to purchase.”

 Are you ready for the new digital turf war?

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