PSFK Editorial Roundtable: Brands Must Learn To Resonate As Consumer Platforms

Brands, marketers and corporations used to control the majority of the consumption cycle. The customer journey was generally linear, and while curveballs arose, they were occasional challenges rather than ongoing and expected shifts in consumer thinking and behavior. We no longer live in that world. Consumers are continuously seizing away control from the brands that used to dictate their consumption habits. PSFK predicts that the year 2020 will “serve as a preview to not just the fully empowered consumer but the prospect of ‘people as business platforms.’” They reached out to some of today’s industry leaders to discuss the future consumer and how brands and marketers can prepare for what’s to come.

In part 2 of their editorial roundtable on the future consumer, Cofounder and Executive Creative Director, Aaron Harvey, answers the following: If the consumer becomes the consumer cycle, what shifts will brands undergo as a result? How will they remain relevant? Will their power and influence be reduced or simply repositioned? Where do we see this happening already?

“We’re very interested in the concept of invisible design. While it might be a hard pill for advertisers to swallow, it’s a business imperative.”

Polar, a European connected fitness company, integrated its web services with MyFitnessPal, which is owned by Under Armour. And while the two companies have competitive goals in the connected fitness space, this investment in ‘invisible design’ allowed Polar’s products to integrate seamlessly into a community of over 75mm users.

The value of being a ‘background actor’ can’t be overstated. Today, brands must create everyday value for everyday people in everyday situations. To do so, they must balance emotion and utility, storytelling and function. Under Armour is proving the model. They are opening our hearts with campaigns featuring Misty Copeland, while rolling out connected sleepwear products that help us improve our sleep.”

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