Is Connected Clothing a Real Opportunity?

It might not be every t-shirt’s destiny to go digital, but connected clothing is a reality. In fact, it’s the new wave of IoT (Internet of Things).

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term before. A company called Evrythng makes smart products, including connected clothing. This connected clothing contains a web ID that assigns it a personal profile in the cloud. (There we go throwing industry jargon around again.)

Connected clothing could present a huge opportunity for luxury brands — if done right. Partner and VP of Client Services Lauren Nutt Bello shares her thoughts on the matter on

“Brands would have to build out new teams to deliver new products, new content for connected consumers, and be continually investing in new content and experiences,” said Nutt Bello. “Already, there’s an overloading amount of data that brands don’t know how to make sense of, and some luxury companies are brands that don’t even have full e-commerce stores.”

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