Brandchannel Hosts CES 2015 Observations and Opportunities Article

Following International CES 2015, Ready Set Rocket and Interbrand joined together for an epic de-briefing to brainstorm and discuss top observations and opportunities.

The biggest takeaway? This year’s vendors seemed to have forgotten one major piece of the CES puzzle — the consumer.

An excerpt from the article: 

“CES 2015 was bright, bloated and, at times, underwhelming. But as the noise in the electronics space continues to grow, the opportunities for companies to build visionary things that people want and to communicate that story clearly grow even greater.

Innovative products typically fall into one or more of the following categories: Technology-driven, Needs-driven and Vision-driven.

This year’s CES was flooded with tech-driven, “because we can” products (some quite stunning). There were far fewer examples of brands successfully solving a real need or creating an irresistible vision for a connected future.

Heavy on ‘electronics’ and ‘show,’ however, exhibitors at CES 2015 lost track of the piece of its name that matters most: the ‘consumer.’ This means that huge opportunities exist for brands that put the consumer first, this year and beyond.”

To read the full article co-authored by Ready Set Rocket and Interbrand with illustrations by Ready Set Rocket’s design team here.

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