Business Insider Takes a Closer Look at Kenneth Cole’s Google Glass App

To promote  Kenneth Cole’s new Mankind fragrance, we collaborated with Parlux Ltd. and Kenneth Cole to develop a Google Glass app that extends the the Mankind campaign beyond traditional digital platforms. Business Insider recently caught up with us to learn more about this innovative app.


“Ready Set Rocket partner Aaron Harvey said his company chose to extend the campaign to Google Glass because the people who own the product, still in a limited supply phase, are the sort of cutting-edge technology fans who fit well with Mankind’s target audience.

In addition, Harvey said he felt that the competition would be a good way of showing that wearable technology can be used to perform acts of goodwill, rather than as an invasive toy for the self-absorbed.

‘Wearable technology has a stigma of making you more self-consumed,’ Harvey said. ‘We’re showing how you can use wearable technology to reach out beyond the glass and make a difference in your community.'”

Read the full article on Business Insider.

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