Building Omnichannel Teams, Technology and Goals

Alex Lirtsman and Matt Butlein take the stage at IRCE 2018

Despite popular buzzwords like “integrated”, “holistic” and “cross-functional”, most of the marketing world is still operating within silos. Especially behemoth brands who have the dollars to fund innovation, but lack the agility needed to bring internal structures, standards and technologies up to speed with modern demands.

On June 6th, Alex Lirtsman, Cofounder and Chief Strategist at Ready Set Rocket, and Matt Butlein, Chief Vision Officer at,¬†will present “Building Omnichannel Teams, Technology and Goals” at the Internet Retailer Conference in Chicago. They’ll discuss the challenges presented from recruitment, technology and project-planning standpoints, as well as the changes their companies have undergone to counteract them.

Attendees will walk away with answers to the following:

  • What tools and technologies are revolutionizing the way we integrate work streams and compile, analyze, connect and act on data as an entire organization?
  • What accurate, actionable benchmarks should be set in order to best motivate cross-dept colabs Vs dept silos?
  • How can brands and vendors facilitate integrated relationships, and make sure that teams are working closely with one another rather than owning separate parts?


View the full presentation below, or head here to download.

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