Few online, cultural phenomenons have been as pervasive as “the meme.” Memes transcend age groups, political affiliations, nationalities and ethnicities. There is truly a meme for everyone. And yet, despite the widespread obsession, marketers have yet to figure them out. Leveraging memes for branded use is often seen as “trying too hard.” In fact, brands often fall victim to memes. Who remembers the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad, or the Tesla electric car that so tragically burst into flames? Both we’re crucified across social media via (you guessed it) memes. They’re the perfect medium: funny, relevant, to the point. They allow consumers to make cultural and political commentary in a shareable, witty way.

Surviving in today’s social media obsessed world, means learning how to navigate “the meme.” It’s no easy feat, but it’s one worth investing in. Senior Art Director, Amanda Ford, weighed in on the topic for the New York Times following Gucci’s meme-centric campaign that sent social channels into a frenzy.

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