By now it seems that everyone has an Instagram account (even the First Lady!) and rightfully so. Instagram has cut through the photo-app crowd and emerged as the front runner for beautiful filters, easy navigation and community-driven sharing.

We even use it on our own website as a way to communicate our culture through an aggregated stream of each team member’s personal Instagram accounts. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

With the release of the Instragam API last year, here are my top three sites that make Instagram even better:

As it currently stands, there’s no simple way to view my Instagram feed away from my iPhone. Enter Extragram. The super simple site (just sign in with your Instragram account information) is a virtual browser-based version of your favorite app, where you can view your feed and profile, as well as popular photos throughout the app.

How cool would it be to have an Instagram photo booth? Instaprint is a location-aware printer that spits out amazing Polaroid-like prints of your photos. Any Instagram photo tagged with the location of the Instaprint box will automatically print out for you to carry away and hang on your fridge.

Sometimes, there’s just nothing as good as a real, tangible, printed photo. With Kanvess, you can easily select photos from your feed (after signing in with your Instagram account) and then have the prints shipped right to your door for 25 cents a pop.  Nice and simple.

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