Should You Ask Coworkers How Much Money They Make?

Salary conversations are tricky. Whether they’re with your boss, a coworker or a friend, they need to be handled with care. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have them. In fact, discussing pay with the people in your life is frequently encouraged. The more comfortable someone is with the topic, the more likely they are to understand their worth and ask for salary increases when the time is right. However, what’s often more important, is having bosses you can trust. Maintaining the conversation with higher ups is an even better system for ensuring career success. Ready Set Rocket’s Lauren Bello weighed in on the topic for Bustle:

“There should be an open dialogue [between employee and employer] where clear goals are aligned on and understood, expectations are clearly set, and there is no ambiguity around how and why compensation growth can be achieved.”

To read the full Bustle article, click this link.

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