April Fools’ Or Not – Gareth Price on Amazon Dash in Adweek

One day before April Fools’ Day, Amazon debuted its new Dash,  plastic WiFi-enabled buttons that allow consumers to purchase items around their homes (think toilet paper, batteries, shampoo) with the literal push of a button.

Many speculated that Dash was simply an April Fool’s joke. But alas, it’s the real deal.

Technical Director Gareth Price offered up his thoughts on this innovative, albeit questionable, step in retail innovation in Adweek’s “Marketers Say Debuting Amazon Dash Right Before April Fools’ Day Was Genius” article.

“[Internet-of-Things] devices have not yet penetrated the mainstream, so the April Fool’s confusion will help bring awareness of the product to mainstream consumers.”

To read the full article, head here.

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