Android And iOS Updates Pump The Brakes On Location Data

It’s no secret that the collection of location based data has started to worry people. Even playful executions, like Snapchat’s recently released map feature, have users a little creeped out. However, policy changes coming to Apple’s iOS 11 will alter the way consumers dole out location data and have ripple effects for mobile marketing. Major tech companies are starting to limit the information they hand over to marketers, brands, and other platforms. Furthermore, their going out of their way to warn consumers when data is being soaked up.

RSR’s Technical Director, Gareth Price, spoke with AdExchanger about the coming changes and what they mean for the industry.

“Location enablement provides a marginal boost to ad inventory and also could be packaged to third-party data buyers,” said Gareth. “This will lock off that avenue for a lot of lower-tier apps.”

To read the full AdExchanger article, click this link.

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