RSR, Kenneth Cole and Google Glass talk Mankind Campaign with Agency Spy

Ready Set Rocket’s Alex Lirtsman (Co-Founder/Chief Strategist) and Kenneth Cole’s Robert Genovese (Vice President, Integrated Marketing) recently sat down with AgencySpy to discuss utilizing Google Glass for consumer-facing advertising.


Regarding the campaign’s tech elements, Ready Set Rocket Co-Founder/Chief Strategist Alex Lirtsman says that Google Glass effectively entered the conversation by chance. As members of Google’s “Explorer Team,” the agency received a Glass unit two days before its strategic meeting with [Kenneth Cole fragrance distributor] Parlux. Lirtsman says, “We ran the idea of ‘taking social action by using Google Glass’ by them and fleshed out a prototype within two weeks.”

The whole thing would only work if tied to “a strong call to action for the social cause.” Lirtsman initially thought Kenneth Cole would reject the Glass idea, but he says that “[Genovese’s] team was incredibly open minded” in accepting the connection between the functionality of the platform and the campaign’s driving CTA.

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