Has Agency Work-Life Balance Reached a Crisis Point?

For many in advertising, 9-5 is really 9-9 and probably Saturday. 40 hour work weeks, free weekends, and regular vacations are a myth. The industry has a long history of late nights and a lack of work-life balance. Clients want things when they want them, so people work around the clock to make it happen.

However, things are changing. As employee burnout becomes an all-to-common dilemma, agencies are coming up with ways to prioritize balance, push team members to invest in outside interests, and make the day-to-day less stressful. In a recent article for Adweek, Ready Set Rocket was named one such company.

“To date, U.S. agencies have primarily responded with flexible scheduling options. New York’s Ready Set Rocket launched a four-week ‘sabbatical’ program for employees who’ve logged more than three years.”

We’ve found that daily perks and long term incentives improve productivity, creativity and dedication. People want to work in environments that inspire happiness, encourage individuality and provide a system of support. Giving your team that is not a burden on your business, it’s a good business decision. As cofounder, Aaron Harvey, put it, “Having a healthy company is about having healthy people. This is an incredibly stressful industry. We can be work obsessed, so it’s crucial to recognize the importance of maintaining a work-life balance, and encouraging our team to raise a hand if they’re burning out.”

To read the full Adweek article, click this link.

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