Marketing has traditionally been a “play it safe” field. Don’t aggravate group A for the sake of group B. Don’t make a political statement that alienates stakeholders. Don’t stand too much for anything — times will change, and you’ll want to too. However, in the current political climate, all of that’s changing. CMO’s have done a 180 and are now implementing all kinds of activism into brand communications.

With this new “say what you want” mentality, come some complications. Taking a stance might be in, but how do you narrow down the stance you’re taking to avoid confusing consumers and muddying your brand name? Cofounder, Alex Lirtsman, shared his thoughts with Digiday.

“Any brands that advocate and evangelize their diversity, women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability and any other important issue of our day should be benefiting from the heightened ethical and moral awareness that we’re seeing.”

To read the full Digiday article, click this link.

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