Adweek on Kenneth Cole’s Innovative Google Glass App

We’re always excited to experiment with cutting-edge technology to craft unique brand experiences.  In collaboration with Kenneth Cole and our client Parlux, a leading global beauty company that designs, manufactures, markets and distributes prestige fragrances and related products,  we developed the first-ever Google Glass app for a brand.

AdWeek talks to RSR about blazing trails in brand innovation with a Google Glass app. The publication cites RSR as one of the front-runners in leveraging wearable technology to build immersive, engaging campaigns. Thanks to Parlux and Kenneth Cole, we were provided this unique opportunity and, as a collaborative team, have officially set the stage for other brands.


”’It feels like we’re building for how ad campaigns will work three to five years in the future,’ [Technical Director Gareth] Price said.’”

Read the full article on AdWeek.

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