It’s the most important advertising day of the year. In preparation, brands and agencies spend countless hours and dollars in hopes of pulling off what might be considered “one of the best spots” during that year’s Super Bowl. More often than not, the hard work goes generally unnoticed. Every once in awhile, it causes backlash. But if you’re lucky, it gets talked about, or better yet, remembered.

Coming off of Super Bowl LII, the industry is analyzing, discussing and ranking their favorites. RSR’s Creative Director, Amanda Ford, spoke with Marketing Dive about some of the best, and worst, of this year’s game. In particular, the success of Tide’s multiple, humorous spots.

“The insight was simple — that if you see a clean shirt, Tide is probably behind it. It was a super meta idea that effectively made you question if every spot you were watching last night was a Tide ad or not,” said Amanda Ford, creative director, Ready Set Rocket. “By poking fun at Super Bowl ad stereotypes, the spots kept you as a viewer on your toes, and Tide top of mind throughout the night.

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