The Advantages of Running a Millennial Office for Forbes

However, many majority millennial offices have had a different experience. For them, this generation of digital natives doesn’t only understand the internet world that they were born into in a unique way, but they’re used to being accessible and tuned-in 24/7.

Ready Set Rocket’s VP of Client Services, Lauren Bello, spoke with Forbes about the benefits of leading a team of millennials, how they differ from the generations that came before them, and the company programs that keep them around.

For Bello, communication is key. Believing that many of the supposed problems with millennials in the workplace stem from uncertainty about what is expected and what they can expect, she deals with anxieties by supplying regular feedback on performance. Recalling that early in her career she was always worrying about what the boss thought of her performance, she says she goes to some effort to prevent this by telling them how they are doing. “Sometimes they have to be told bad news, but it saves them from worrying and lots of negativity,” she explains. Indeed, the business has adopted quarterly reviews in place of the more usual annual system, precisely to avoid employees “waiting with trepidation” for the end of the year. It means that they are able to focus more on the important things, adds Bello.

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