7 Design Mistakes From 2016 (And How to Fix Them in 2017)

While 2016 was, in many ways, an impressive year for digital design, there are mistakes that stand out as we reflect on the year and think about what’s to come. Senior Art Director, Amanda Ford, broke down 2016’s most notable design misses and how we can avoid them moving forward for Mediapost.

So, what were her stand-out seven?

  • Avoid Animation Overload
  • Don’t Force Desktop Design On Mobile
  • Declutter the Screen
  • Be Consistent with User Interface
  • Make Sure your Color System is Clear
  • Be Consistent with Photography Assets
  • Don’t Make Something Just Because It’s “Cool”

“When you’re inspired, it’s easy to lose sight of the client’s brand, message, etc. But make sure what’s cool is also effective. You might want to use a trendy graphic treatment that Millennials would love, but you’re working on a project for an audience that’s 60+. Always keep strategy and audience top of mind, and work within that framework to create experiences you and the client will be proud of.”

For a deeper dive into her tips and tricks, read the full article on Mediapost here.

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