It’s 2017, and the Gender Wage Gap Still Exists

April 4th marks Equal Pay Day 2017, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the gender pay gap. To date, working women across the U.S. make 79¢ to every dollar made by men. Or in other words, 21% less. That’s a lot, and the numbers are even worse for women of color. At Ready Set Rocket, we understand the value that our female employees provide, and the stigmas that keep so many women across the country and around the world from being able to speak up and ask for more. So, we decided to make a microsite about it.

The Where’s My 21? site seeks to point out how substantial a 21% loss really is, while providing women with tools and resources to better understand if they should ask for a raise. Fixing the gender pay gap is about so much more than starting a conversation. It’s about empowering women in the workplace, and giving them the information and confidence to advocate for themselves.

On Equal Pay Day 2017, ask yourself what you can do to address the gender wage gap, and encourage the lady bosses in your life to ask: Where’s My 21?

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