Our Polycultural Future

Univision Communications Inc

Accepted by many as the leader in Spanish-language programming, Univision Communications Inc. is, in fact, the fourth largest media company in the U.S. Through hundreds of properties spanning broadcast, radio, digital and more, Univision impacts and empowers multiple generations of multicultural Americans.

Since its inception in 1962, Univision has been overlooked as a cross-cultural media partner. In reality, Univision’s vast programming is bridging the Spanish-English divide. The brand was simply unable to convey this multicultural connection to broader audiences.

After successfully creating a census-based campaign to illustrate the rise of the Hispanic consumer, Ready Set Rocket was tasked with strengthening Univision’s position as the voice of a new, more diverse America amongst advertisers and key stakeholders.

Understanding the importance of embracing our nation’s growing diversity — which goes far beyond skin color into culture, religion and socioeconomics — we recognized the opportunity for Univision to leverage its unique media offerings and dedication to social good, and become an authority on the emerging American consumer.

As part of our comprehensive, strategic solutions, we developed a digital platform to launch campaigns and serve as the foundation for Univision’s communication on and offline. Demographic data visualization promoted the power of the Hispanic vote. Visual storytelling and digital tools transformed events like Upfront into immersive experiences. And we enabled relationship building with marketers through a CRM program.

Thanks to our efforts, Univision’s position as a thought leader has reached and influenced industry stakeholders. The platform received numerous awards including OMMA, EMMA, FAXIES and W3. And we became the brand’s long-term strategic partner.

We redesigned Univision's corporate site to position it as the gateway to an emerging polycultural America, showcase its expansive portfolio, and build relationships with media buyers.

The Insights page from Univision's redesigned website.

An insights section showcases Univision's position as an industry thought leader. It brings the facts behind our diverse society to life and explains how the changing cultural landscape is impacting marketing.

Univision's redesigned website viewed on tablet.

We empowered ad sales marketing, corporate communications and key stakeholders with a flexible template structure that allowed for on-the-fly custom layout and content integration.

Univision's redesigned website viewed on mobile.

The site is fully responsive and provides a smooth experience across all devices and browsers.

The Partner page from Univision's redesigned site.

The site makes ad sales marketing easy and intuitive. Univision provides its partners with customized solutions targeting specific audiences and markets — both national and local.

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