Say Hello to Brian Hathaway

RSR adds a new Director of Business Development to its growing team

This week, RSR welcomed Brian Hathaway (aka B-Rock) to the team as our new Director of Business Development. We’re excited for Brian’s support as we close out 2017 and kick-off the new year. To get to know Brian a little better, we sat down with him to talk past positions, future goals and superhero dogs (yes, you read that right).

1) Where are you from?

Depends at what time of life. I was born in New Mexico where my dad was stationed at an Air Force base. When I was 2 my parents moved back to Iowa. My mom and I moved to the Bay Area of San Francisco when I was in 1st grade. We moved to New Jersey when I was entering the 6th grade.

2) What did you do before RSR?

Prior to RSR I was at another digital agency here in NYC where I headed up Biz Dev for over 4 years.¬†Before that I was in Investment Banking for which I sincerely apologize for contributing to society’s ills.

3) Why did you choose to join RSR?

The right mix of company culture, team capabilities and the co-founders Alex and Aaron really impressed me. Plus free Sweetgreen for lunch. I’m like a dog. If you feed me, you can buy my loyalty.

4) What are you excited about moving forward?

I’m excited to be working for a team that is seeking to innovate with new technologies while creating connected experiences for many more new companies.

5) What was your favorite marketing stunt/campaign in 2017?

There are several, but the campaigns that had the biggest impact for me this year spoke to the seismic shift in American politics and our resulting position with the rest of the world. Both the NY Times and Heineken ads on social issues held a lot of meaning for me.

6) Can you share a few fun facts about yourself?

Being from Iowa, I grew up loving the Steelers, and now I’m married into a family from Pittsburgh. My wife and I are both on our 2nd marriage and we have one beautiful, hilarious daughter. I wrote an urban fantasy book about super hero dogs that I’m pitching to lit agents.


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