Why You Should Encourage Your Team to Have Side Projects

In a stressful industry, it’s crucial that people are getting the headspace and creative freedom they need to stay motivated from 9 to 5. Companies that take a people-first approach don’t only end up with happier employees, they end up with better work.

Cofounder and Executive Creative Director, Aaron Harvey, spoke with CNBC about the importance of encouraging your team to have side projects. “If at the end of the day you’re trying to cultivate leaders who are going to make change in your company,” Harvey tells CNBC, “it’s really important that you encourage them to find that inspiration, which in reality is going to come both inside and outside of the office.”

By supporting employees’ passion projects, you are giving them the freedom to explore themselves and the comfort and excitment of bringing that newfound knowledge back into the workplace. Ready Set Rocket employees are involved in everything from recording and releasing their own albums, to running the NYC marathon, performing improv comedy and designing their own soccer + creativity journals.

To read more about the efforts RSR takes to promote work-life balance and creativity, read here.

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