The Power of Literature in Maintaining Inspiration

Owning a company can be stressful and emotionally taxing. There is pressure each day to perform, lead, comfort, support and motivate your team. Staying on top of it all requires that you keep yourself inspired.

Founding Partner, Aaron Harvey, finds inspiration in many places, one of which, is a novel by surfer and author, Jaimal Yogis. He shared the impact Yogis has had on his ability to run a business with Inc. Magazine.

“As a surfer, I’ve learned a lot of valuable business lessons in the ocean. You find yourself in critical moments where you must overcome fear with mindfulness, failure with perseverance. In [this book], Jaimal Yogis takes a deep dive into the concept of fear including evolutionary fears, such as seeing a lion, and learned fears, such as the sound of a gun. He beautifully weaves together neuroscience with life experience, and ultimately uses this knowledge to overcome his fears of surfing one of the most dangerous waves in the world–Mavericks.”

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