Seagram’s Gin

America’s Spirit Since Always

Born out of Prohibition and into a heritage brand of spirits, Seagram’s Gin embodies the 200-year-old company’s focus on craftsmanship and tradition. While the history of Seagram’s sets it apart from competitors, its also distanced the brand from younger consumers seeking a more modern experience from their favorite spirits brands. Seagram’s Gin tapped Ready Set Rocket to revitalize their look and tone of voice, and make their progressive heritage relevant and celebrated among a youthful, multicultural audience.

For urban Millennials, it’s the moments that matter. Creative collaboration. Shared laughter. Engaging conversation. When it comes to drinking, they care less about flashy clubs and trendy bars, and more about socializing with people who inspire them. In redefining what Seagram’s Gin represents, we brought their progressive history into today’s world, creating a story rooted in authenticity and diversity that appealed to the modern hustler — a hard-working Millennial who defines success not by money and material possessions, but by passion and meaningful achievements.

The refreshed brand positioning was brought to life through an enhanced graphic system, updated tone of voice, social content strategy and creation, and a new website. From stop motion video and eye-catching infographics to stunning photography, we showcased the versatility of Seagram’s products as an essential part of an authentic lifestyle.

By repositioning the passion and craft of Seagram’s Gin for a more modern audience, our digital campaign increased positive brand awareness, decreased negative perceptions and generated over 24.6M impressions. As a sure sign of success, Ready Set Rocket has been brought on as the brand’s agency of record. Most importantly, we’ve set the progressive history of Seagram’s Gin up for another 200 years of success.

Campaign shots of Seagram's Gin cocktails.

Established in 1857, Seagram’s Gin has a long standing history as America’s #1 gin. We brought that heritage to life, by showcasing how the Seagram's tradition has transformed to help modern hustlers celebrate diversity, passion and time with close friends.

Campaign shots of Seagram's Gin cocktails.

Campaign imagery showed how simple gin cocktails enhance passionate moments at home, at work and out on the town. It brought the authentic side of modern socializing to life.

Campaign shots of Seagram's Gin cocktails.

We shot custom video and photography that tied back to “occasions" — a drink strategy rooted in the variety of cocktails that can be created using Seagram's Gin, and the moments that suit them best.

Campaign shots of Seagram's Gin cocktails.

The revitalized tone of voice was brought to life across Seagram’s Gin social properties through copy, photography, animation and additional creative executions.

A redesigned website brought the heritage and values of Seagram's Gin to life, while showcasing the versatility of it's products and supplying easy-to-make cocktail recipes.

Ann Taylor

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