VR’s Impact on the Future of Tech Careers

Virtual reality is on everyone’s radar. Just head to the closest tech, marketing, or future-focused festival, and you’ll hear it mentioned every few sentences. VR is a trend and it’s impossible to ignore.

However, contrary to what we hear in most VR focused conversations, this “trend” is not just for play. Advancements in VR are going to greatly impact the future of tech careers. How? The Muse broke it down and asked us to weigh in.

“Marketing agencies are usually among the first to experiment with new digital technology, and VR is no exception. ‘We are definitely watching VR trends with a keen eye,’ says Gareth Price, Technical Director at New York-based digital agency Ready Set Rocket. Agencies like his are building relationships with specialists who can create VR content for digital marketing campaigns. Price believes these types of tech jobs ‘will blend the skills required of designers, developers, filmmakers, and 3D artists in new and more collaborative ways.’ His advice to digital agency employees is to get to know this technology as soon as possible.

Ready Set Rocket has Oculus and Samsung rigs in-house for testing purposes, and Price encourages his staff to take them home for a spin. ‘Start experimenting on your own time right now as an investment into your career,’ he says. ‘Today’s side project will turn into tomorrow’s high-flying job.’”

For more info on what’s to come, check out the full article by clicking this link.

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