Ready Set Rocket Adds Emilie Fang as Senior Designer

Emilie has worked as a designer for a wide range of companies including all-inclusive creative agencies, small design studios, in-house, and advertising with a focus on mostly fashion and music clients. She also DJs and runs two electronic music collectives outside of work.

“Emilie is going to inject a fresh perspective to our already badass creative roster. With a background in fashion, art direction, and branding, paired with her contemporary design hand, she’s going to help push the aesthetics of our work even further. Plus, being a techno DJ brings a unique cultural POV to the agency,” says Amanda Ford, Executive Creative Director.

Fang shares, “I’m so excited to work at RSR and have more ownership over projects. I’m looking forward to collaborating with people on the team to create work that is as impactful and thoughtful as possible.”

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