Listen, Analyze, Inform: Pulling Human Insights from Social Listening

Consumers have moved from being on the receiving end of brand messaging, to being active participants in brand conversations. The customer journey has evolved into an ongoing conversation, rather than a one-sided one. Volume has changed as well. The endless amount of noise taking place at any given time requires modern brands to maintain scalable systems for collecting, analyzing, responding and learning from the information that’s pouring in.

It’s no longer enough to use social listening to respond to negative feedback. Today’s brands must also apply what they’re hearing to the rest of their marketing funnel. And they must do so rapidly. How do these insights affect other comms channels and the overall strength of their brand? How can they use this knowledge to optimize the entire customer funnel?

Alex Lirtsman, Co-founder & Chief Strategist at Ready Set Rocket, leads workshops on leveraging social listening to build modern marketing organizations. The below slides are from two workshops hosted at Social Media Week NYC and Social Media Week London. In them, he tackles how today’s marketers can achieve impressive ROI from their current social listening tools by mining human insights from data and using that knowledge to effectively tweak comms, products, and sought after content at scale.

To download the full presentation, follow this link.

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