Kitty Tsang recently celebrated her six year anniversary at RSR. In that time, she’s worked her way from intern to Director of Digital Marketing, shaping how we think, collaborate and create along the way. To celebrate her achievements, we wanted to learn a bit more about her time here. We sat down with Kitty to ask a few question and look back on all she’s done.

Why did you first choose to join RSR?

I could not find a full-time job straight out of college and wasn’t getting the offers I hoped for, so I decided to take a step back and do an internship so I could rack up more marketing experience. I wasn’t interviewing successfully at the time and RSR was one of the only companies that gave me an offer, so I took it. It was for an Agency Admin position where about 60% of my job was on administrative duties and the remainder on Marketing/project management related work. I figured a smaller company would be a great opportunity to wear a lot of hats, which was exactly what it provided.

What have you learned in your time here?

Everything I know! My foundation was in analytics and reporting, and then moved into paid media management, holistic digital strategy and pitching new business. I’ve learned so much from every single person I’ve worked with — from the partners to the creative team and the ever expanding marketing team. The most valuable lessons (beyond technical skills) have been in critical listening and communication. Those have really transformed the way I approach new projects, concepts and problem solving.

What does it take to grow alongside an expanding business/team?

When the business and team is expanding, there will be new processes and new services — which requires flexibility. Being a critical listener and effective communicator helped me take direction from partners and transfer that to my team. Identifying ways to translate my current knowledge and skill set to areas that I’m not as familiar with has also helped with my own growth.

What advice would you give to today’s interns/emerging marketers?

Be curious. You never stop learning in this industry. Be willing to put in the effort needed to figure something out and ask smart questions. Having a foundation in analytics and reporting is important too. Almost all entry level positions involve a lot of data and reporting. Know how to use tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Business Manager, and Google Ads.

What’s your favorite RSR memory?

There are so many! I remember being an intern and organizing the Holiday Party where we took a limo to Atlantic City and stayed overnight. But really all the holiday parties have been a blast. I have happy memories of every team outing and activity, like karaoke, going to Brooklyn Crab and vision day on a boat. I’ve loved developing personal relationships with my colleagues — we’ve done some amazing stuff together outside of work. There are so many more — they haven’t all been “big” moments, but I’ve had a ton of fun at RSR with the team over the years.

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