We spent the week at International CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, fully immersed in all-things tech and Internet of Things. There were floating speakers, giant curved TV screens, robots, 3D-printed footwear and apparel, futuristic cars and even communication with plants via biosensors.

The gadgets and gizmos spanned the spectrum of “Whoa, cool!” to “What in the actual..?” They were practical and practically absurd.

Apart from the gadgets, several important, overarching themes emerged from this year’s conference including content strategy and storytelling, the connected car, the “smart” home, financial technology (“fintech” as it’s affectionately known) and wearables as they’re related to health and wellness.

A small creative team was put in place in our New York City office to turn daily themes into quick takeaways to be used in newsletters sent out by our partners at Interbrand.

Take a look at the week in review:

Monday: Today’s Best Brands are Tomorrow’s Top Publishers

For brands preparing to become their own publishers, the need to produce authentic content can seem like a daunting task. Create something memorable by weaving the many stories that come from ongoing production and innovation processes into a single branded narrative.

Tuesday: Connected Cars Promise More Than Just an Enjoyable Ride

Much like our connected devices, drivers and passengers alike are expecting the vehicle to promise more than just an enjoyable ride. Today’s car manufacturers can provide more value to their consumers by developing systems that seamlessly integrate all of life’s important things like home security, on-the-go alerts and infotainment. A connected commute ensures a driver’s peace of mind and productivity as he or she transitions from home to work. After all, it’s one of the day’s most important journeys.

Wednesday: How Smart is Your “Smart” Home?

What makes a “smart” home so smart? The meaning of this ubiquitous buzzword has begun to diminish as brands release more products and devices that claim to enhance a consumer’s life. The most successful connected home devices, however, will tap into the Mecosystem by putting the consumer’s needs at the center.

Thursday: The New Digital Purchasing Experience

This year at CES, we’re seeing brands across verticals share the same aspiration: transform business models to integrate digital experiences and services like cardless transactions, smart subscriptions and social as currency to make purchasing easier than ever before. Here are some of this year’s emerging themes that we’re excited about and, quite frankly, could do without.

Friday: So Many Devices, So Much Data

This year’s CES has proven that wearable technology is here to stay. Although no device can do it all, a new wave of wearables hitting the market can track and monitor so many more important health, lifestyle and wellness details about ourselves. To drive adoption, smart brands need to understand how consumers want to use this collected data so they can tailor devices and services for a more valuable experience.

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