Switch Departments, Keep Your Sanity: Aaron Harvey in Digiday

September 16 2015 Press

In the highly collaborative environment of the digital agency, it isn’t so uncommon for account managers to dream of creative direction and designers to want to test their hand at closing deals. While department switches might be tricky, they can be done. In a Digiday article from earlier this week, Founding Partner and Executive Creative Director Aaron Harvey shed light on how to nail these interdepartmental transitions.


Position your switch as an opportunity for company growth — even if your voice shakes. .

Talk up hard skills like research, strategy or analytics and apply them to areas where the company should expand into. Aaron Harvey, founding partner and creative director at advertising agency Ready Set Rocket, said to identify opportunities for company growth and present yourself as the person to make it happen using these skills.

Understand management’s perspective… 

You might be raring to go, but management needs to make sure that your switch makes sense for the company’s trajectory. Sometimes, employees don’t understand the “why” of management decisions. Instead, strive to “understand the perspective of each department before you decide where you may or may not be a good fit,” said Harvey. Those wishing to make a move need to recognize that it’s management’s decision in the end, not yours.

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